Sarah Hakani is an Indian, Muslim visual artist from Atlanta, GA, whose work focuses on de/reconstruction of identity in the context of unlearning intergenerational trauma and reclaiming the self as independent of structures and systems that possess it. Her pieces are the physical manifestations of her journeys through faith, womanhood, caregiving, and resilience. Through exploring internal juxtapositions, constructing oneness from duality, and reconciling self-identity in a world of multidirectional pressure, Sarah's work highlights and makes sense of her lived realities and contrasts as a Muslim woman. She hopes to create utopian representations of internalized suffering to recontextualize survival as something otherworldly yet omnipresent. 

Sarah received a B.S. in Neuroscience from Duke University, where she further explored the biological bases of unlearning. She then explored how creation can serve as a tool for learning and innovation, particularly for marginalized folks to restructure the way that they interact with the world during her Masters. Now, Sarah is interrogating faith, cognition, and post-colonial learning while working and creating in Brooklyn.